"The effect you have on others is the most valuable currency there is."


We're incredibly excited about all of the new things happening this year!  We've always been about empowering individuals and encouraging them to be themselves.  We believe that once you're willing to show your authentic self then your TRUE potential can be reached. 

This year is all about finding the undiscovered, giving our seniors a voice and a chance to express themselves to the world.  We're inviting you to be part of something special because you have expressed your desire for more than just senior pictures.  Confidence is contagious and we think you may be the right leader to spread our message.

We are searching for a select group to help us encourage and inspire others.  We need girls (and guys) that are outgoing, fun to be around, don't just follow the crowd, who want to stand out, well respected by their peers, confident, independent and original.  In short, we are looking for the BEST of the BEST for our team.  Here are just some of the things we do with our ambassadors:

  • featured spread in our magazine
  • bonus photo shoots
  • videos
  • featured on our billboard
  • early VIP registration for dances.  
  • model for partner boutique shoots
  • featured page on our website
  • submission to Seniors Ignite national model competition
  • some sweet P+C gear
  • exclusivity - this is only offered to a select group chosen by your peers.


There are tons of details to go over and we will explain how this works.  We'd like to invite you and a parent to a closed door meet and greet to go over the details and see if this is something you would like to be a part of.  We'll cover all of the details and will be able to answer your questions all at once.  

You must RSVP to this since we really do physically have limited space (The fire marshal seriously won't let us all pile in)!

THURSDAY March 22nd

6pm  -or-  7:30 PM

(use the form below to reserve)

Okay so here's what your parents are going to want to know....

We know exactly what they're saying and we get it.  "This sounds fishy.  How much does this cost and what's the catch???"  They've probably been lured into one of those timeshare type meetings before and are forever on guard!  The truth is there are no additional costs to be a part of this group.  These are EXTRA opportunities in addition to your senior pictures.  You have been personally nominated by those we trust most.  The only requirements are: 

1. You must eventually be a Pat + Cassie senior client (do your pictures with us) to participate in these opportunities.
2. You cannot represent another studio (because that would just be weird).

That's it!  We look forward to meeting you!!!


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