2020 Ambassadors - the search is on!


We believe everyone has a story worth telling.  We are passionate about celebrating individuality and encouraging self-expression.  We believe everyone has their unique place in the world and the ability to make a difference.  Since you very first started school you’ve been told where to be, how to act and what to do. Now it’s your turn to create your own path and we want to hear about it!

We are looking for the next team of influencers that are passionate about what we do, are willing to create with us and that share our values. You were referred to us by one of our current ambassadors who thought you would also be a good representative.

What does this involve?

This is really all about telling your stories to encourage and inspire. Throughout the year we’ll:

  • work with you on various projects which can include boutique shoots, concept shoots, etc

  • feature your story

  • feature you on our billboards

  • We share your authentic experiences all year long through our Instagram stories.

  • early registration to dances

  • You’ll also have the chance to be featured on a national level through Society 12.

  • Our ambassadors will also the opportunity to shoot with us in San Diego this January

There is no additional cost for all of these benefits - just your senior pics. You must do your photos with us before you can participate in the additional benefits. The only way you can authentically represent our mission and our brand is to first be a part of it.

Sound like you? Start the approval process by completing the application below: