Cheyenne O'Keefe


If you think as rain as confetti from the sky, it makes rain seem happy. If you think of rain as the sky crying, rain seems sad. Everything is how you look at it and your state of mind.

My Story:

I live a world of imagination. My story started with a broken home. It breaks more and more as I grew older. My story is messy, twisty and scary. It has driven me to who I am. I want to create. My dream is to create people’s dream home. I want to sculpt homes, places where it all you can imagine and more. Not just some house to live in. I want to make extraordinary dream homes where everything is perfect for a family. I love to create and push myself past my limits. I want to create homes by pushing architecture to its limits. I love making people happy and seeing people smile. I want to explore and learn new things while doing what I love and making people happy.

Favorite part of working with PAT+CASSIE:

I work with Amy J. from PAT+CASSIE. The best thing about working with Amy is her compassion for everyone she works with. She is so passionate about her work.

Instagram: @cheyenneokeefee