Hannah Schraw



My Story:

Easy going, adventurous, silly, competitive, caring, love to challenge myself.

I am a very chill, easy going person. I just go with the flow; i can lay down and watch movies all day or i could go shopping, to the beach, skating, tubing, bowling. I laugh ALL THE TIME!!! I love jokes.. because they make me laugh, lol.

One of my favorite parts of highschool is the football games! Cheering with all of my friends was a great time.

I have played soccer since I was 5 and it has been one of my passions ever since. Soccer is one of the things I take very seriously because I worked so hard to become where I am. I also play tennis! I started playing tennis my freshman year and it has been a relaxing game for me. I met a lot of friends through tennis, and it was just a way for me to have fun. I was also a part of Concord Singers. I love to sing; it is one of my favorite things to do. Performing, although it is the scariest thing that I have ever done, it also gives me the biggest rush.

I am a very caring person. I think of others before I think of myself. Sometimes it doesn’t work out for me, but i still think it’s the right thing to do because that’s how I’ve been raised.

I have never been confident in myself. The only time I am confident in myself is when I am playing soccer. When i step in front of a camera i tense up and I don’t know what to do.

My grades are another thing that is very important to me. I am attending IUPUI in the fall and plan to major in pre-dental, with hopes to be a Dentist. When people ask me why i am interested in teeth, all I can say is “i have no idea.” I have found an interest in dentistry since I was little and have been interested ever since. My teeth were always a part of my insecurities and after I got braces I realized what dental professions are all about. The reason I want to go into dental is because I want to change people’s lives by making them feel comfortable with their smile. That is my goal in life!

Favorite part of working with PAT+CASSIE:

Working with Pat & Cassie has helped me become more confident in myself. I’ve never been comfortable in front of a camera, but Pat & Cassie have helped me overcome that just a little. Also, it is just overall suck a fun experience! I have met great people that I never would have, if not for Pat & Cassie! I am beyond grateful for this opportunity!

Instagram: @Schraw.hannah