Taylor Marten


Adapt, Overcome, and Improvise -Bill Gray

My Story:


I think the best sentence to describe my style of living would be a line from David Bowie; “I don’t know where I’m going from here, but I promise it won’t be boring.” I am a very spontaneous, go-with-the-flow adventure seeker. I firmly and deeply believe that spontaneity is the absolute best kind of adventure-- you know.. the kind of times that aren’t planned… you just say, “Sure, what the heck, why not?!” Those times always turn out being the most fun. I love making new memories with the people I love and believe there are so many places on this planet that give us that opportunity, and I wish to explore as many of them as possible.

Between my personal life, athletics, and academics, I have continuously proven to myself that not only am I persistent in areas I am passionate about, but I have also found myself to be resilient when I fail. I have a very competitive heart and put my absolute all into everything I do. Everyday I try to live with no regrets and make the most of every opportunity and obstacle life throws at me. I strive to transfer that positive energy onto those around me. I believe every person has their own unique story that makes them amazing. Every hurdle a person overcomes, whether it be small or large, helps mold them into the person they wake up as in the morning and I try to help people see those things as events that build them up as a person rather than tear them down. I aspire to spread as much positivity as possible and maybe even inspire others to do the same.

Favorite part of working with PAT+CASSIE:

My favorite part about working with PAT+CASSIE is their gift of creativity. Every one of their new ideas genuinely amazes me. They never fail to make every single person who comes through their studio look like artwork.

Instagram: @taylor_marten