Alana Nicholas


Let all you do be done in love

My Story:


Of course my bio had to include coffee because who doesn’t love a good Carmel iced coffee? In life I feel like you need to risk it to get the biscuit, as cheesy as that sounds, but it’s true. Taking lives little opportunities & taking them for the best that they can be. Whether it is a success, failure or a blessing in disguise, some of the best memories in life come from the chances we take. I am a sole believer that the best memories in life come experienced with others. Moving to a new school my junior year was not an easy task but through showing compassion & genuine love to others, I have molded into finding the perfect friend group, a new sport that I love, and a whole new life than I would have expected as a freshman.

I believe that I am called to do something great in this world, even if I might not know what it is yet. The world is such an abundant place with so many bursting occasions to grow as a person, meet new people & experience life. I am so excited for this next chapter after high school because it really is all just getting started.

Favorite part of working with PAT+CASSIE:

PAT+CASSIE makes you feel beautiful. They find the little unique traits that make you YOU & fully express those through photography. PAT+CASSIE are full of energy and always make their models feel like a star, from hair and makeup to sitting in the studio looking over proofs. Working with them is an amazing experience that I was glad I got the opportunity to be apart of.

Instagram: @alananicholas_