Alivia Divine


The most important thing is to enjoy your life - to be happy. It’s all that matters.-Audrey Hepburn

My Story:

Funny, Ambitious, Warm-Hearted, Adventurous

I strive to make people happy or at least smile every day. Something I have always done and wanted to do, is work with people to make them happy. I remember as a kid, I would make videos or dances up of me doing something random and make my family watch them if they were having a bad day. I am definitely not afraid to go out of my way to make sure I can make someone smile. Everyday I try to exert myself and complete something I set my mind to. I personally feel that there is always something that you can learn from someone and to take every opportunity to push forward and succeed, and I have ambition to do that!

Growing up, my mom always told me to treat other how you want to be treated. I believe I can say that I have lived by these words my whole life. By continuing that mental attitude throughout my life, it has only helped me with where I am today. Having a warm-heart has helped me through my pre- nursing school, and drives me to become a better daughter, older sister, best friend, and individual for myself. I am always looking for something exciting to explore in my free time or just for fun. Stepping out of my comfort zone to have more experience is super important to me. My passion is just to always follow your heart and to believe in yourself, because that is the most important trait someone can have. Carrying a positive energy and always trying my best to have a kind heart is an important part of makes me who I am.

Favorite part of working with PAT+CASSIE:

Definitely stopping for ice cream breaks during senior pics!!

Instagram: @Alivia.divine