Madison Mazure


Be your own kind of beautiful

My Story:

Ya’ll what to know what makes me, me. Well here it goes I’m your go to girl anytime you need me. From netflix binge watching and smashing on some delicious food to being the most down to earth person you will ever meet that can consualle you in any emotional need. On the other hand things I enjoy are probably what defines who I am today. I am one of the most creative person I know, I love crafts and design like no other. I absolutely love looking at houses and seeing everyone's personal style it even puts a toll on me to learn new things. If you knew me you would probably know I can have to many since of styles, I’m never afraid to look for something new. Unless it deals with ice cream and then I can be a little upset if I don’t like it. I love ice cream and it I try a new flavor and I didn’t like it that would just be upsetting lol. I would like to say I've noticed about myself is I have the biggest heart and care for people so deeply, I even work at a nursing home as a CNA and try to meet every need they need. The worst feeling to me is ever letting someone down so I try to always make good impressions and have a smile on my face, but that's not really hard, I can laugh at mostly anything, what can I say I am a people person and I like to talk.

Having the opportunity to be able to show more girls and be a role model for them would be outstanding. I like to think I make a good impact on people. Modeling to me isn't about just the image you portray but the message you send. Beneath all the makeup and designer clothes is your true personality and you gotta let it show! I know these days social media and television paints the picture of the perfect body and size in women. To me it's not about that, obviously it's about having a good time, but also you should be acting and looking the same on and off the camera if your being true to not just other but to yourself. I believe no matter what body type you are or looks you have if you are happy and can carry yourself with a smile you are a beautiful person inside and out!

Favorite part of working with PAT+CASSIE:

Getting to see everyone’s sense of style shown in their own way and learning the beauty in everything. Also learning how the creativity it made with just a snap of a picture.

Instagram: @madison.mazure