Abby Novotny


One day, in retrospect the years of struggle will strike you as the most beautiful.
-Sigmund Freud

My Story:

Ever since I was little I’ve been creating. I was always encouraged to draw or paint. I consider myself artistic and creative. What makes me unique is that I try to apply that creativity in every single aspect of my life. I love to learn about new things and enjoy school. I think I enjoy it so much because I try so hard to find the art in everything. I’m definitely a perfectionist and I feel like that shows in both my everyday work and my art. Creating joy and finding art in everything I do allows me to perform better and make the hard work a little less difficulty. I’m passionate about finding solutions to problems people don’t normally think about. I love psychology and plan to go into that field. I feel like I was made to help people and cannot wait to creatively find ways to better our society, not only through psychology but also art.

Favorite part of working with PAT+CASSIE:

Pat and Cassie are the most genuine people ever! They made my senior photos such an amazing, special memory and have provided me with so many great opportunities.

instagram: @abbynovotny