Gracie Thompson


How cool is it that the same God who created mountains and oceans and galaxies looked at you and thought the world needed one of you, too.

My Story:

Optimistic | Adventerous | Spunky | Bold

Having fun and being happy means the most to me. this is something I live by. no matter what that looks like or means to anyone else, i believe you should always be yourself. going against what society expects and being unapologetically me is something i strive to do everyday. being kind and being a genuine person matters most in this world. the little things are what keep us going. be a good friend, be a good daughter, love those around you. travel while you can, make new friends, love new experiences. I love the idea of surrounding yourself with people that inspire you, even if they don’t realize they do. keep your life positive and happy!! have fun whenever you can, this life is too short not to!

Instagram: @gracciieethompson