Kaelyn Comer


Make art, Not war

My Story:

If I had to describe myself with three words it would be dedicated, patient and loving. I could use these three words to describe two of the most important things to me. The first would be dancing. I have been dancing for 10 years this June. Dance is something I became super passionate about and has changed my life. These three words can be used to describe dancing to me because I am dedicated to what I do. I am dedicated to my team and my coach. I am dedicated to possibly progressing my dancing career to a professional level. I am patient with dance because it is genuinely not easy. It is extremely, extremely difficult. I must be patient with myself while learning new skills or practicing a new style. I am loving because I love what I do and what it does for me. I am loving because of all the amazing experiences I’ve had because of my drive for this sport. The second thing i could those three words to describe would be my job. I currently do kennel care for dogs out in Bristol. I love everything about the job. I had worked two retail jobs previous to this and now I don’t think I could ever work in customer service like environment. At my job at the dog kennel, I take care of any dogs that are there for boarding or dogs that are their for behavioral training. Getting this job was one of the best things that has happened to me. This job showed me how much room dogs can take up in your heart. Dedicated can be used to describe my job because I am dedicated to taking care of something. I am dedicated knowing I am doing some good for people while being around my favorite creatures. I am dedicated on giving dogs the best care. I am patient because with dogs not speaking English, they’re not the easiest to handle. Handling dogs can be extremely extremely frustrating due to them trying to do whatever they want. I am patient because while training dogs, all you can be is patient if you want to get anywhere with the dogs. Screaming and yelling does nothing. Being patient with them does something. I am loving because I want dedicate my entire life to helping dogs all around me. I want to run my own foster care survice and train the foster dogs so they will be best fit for their “furever” homes. These are two things that have shaped me and is now shaping my career. Dancing and saving animals is a passion. And I wouldn’t be whole without either things.

Instagram: @kaelyncomer