Kayla Harmon



My Story:


Each and every morning, I wake up with goals and I chase after them. I never settle less than what I know I deserve out of life and I make sure I push myself the extra mile in everything I do. From school, to relationships with others and with my job. I am compassionate towards everyone and I do my absolute best to make sure everyone feels important. I strongly believe that everyone in this world deserves love and kindess. I was once the girl who was pushed aside and was made less of a person, and I will never let anyone feel that way. Ever. I never judge a person on who they are because everyone on this planet, makes it special. Throught my obstacles, I have become so strong and independent and forceful. I learn from my mistakes and I grow from them, never lose. If I want something, I make sure I work as hard as I possibly can to get it. I aspire to help those who need it most and make it a priority that mankind is taken care of. Helping others and making sure they’re well-being is the absolute best has always and forever will be something I love to do. I want to be the one that inspires, motivates and open’s people’s minds to be the best person that I know they can be.

Instagram: @k.aylaharmon