Madison Koziatek



My Story:


I try my best every day to be as authentic and genuine a person could get. Every day I am determined to make myself a better me, even focusing on others rather then myself doing so. I enjoy being honest to others because I love it when people are joyful, which makes me feel the same way. I also love spoiling my friends and family with all the positivity and support I hold. Sometimes, though, I find myself in very tight situations I wouldn’t be able to handle if I didn’t have the mindset I do. I like to consider myself very open-minded and flexible toward different ideas and activities, because that makes me feel more accomplished. I once heard the quote “Stay committed to your decisions, but stay flexible to your approach.” And that has stuck with me while making important choices. I believe personally I, and many other people, could do anything they put their mind to. If I want to do something impulsive, though, I try list my options and go through what would be the best choice: either go through with being impulsive, or, the better decision, think it through a little more to see what the possible outcomes will be. I try to have that mindset throughout my life. I am very very eager, as well. Although I am fairly patient, I am always finding myself learning new things and wanting to do different activities. I love challenging myself to do different things. Through all of this, I think I am the most loyal. I never lie to my family or friends, nor backstab them. I find it hard to believe some people could even go through with that. All of those things create me- a loving and loyal daughter, sister, and friend.

Favorite part of working with PAT+CASSIE:

I loved everything about working with Pat & Cassie. Being able to meet a whole bunch of girls from different schools was AMAZING.