Merqurie Sage


Everything happens for a reason (clichè, I know). But it is so true. It’s like the butterfly effect; that event caused something else in your life to happen. It’s where you are supposed to be.

My Story:

I radiate happiness. I absolutely love seeing other people smile. Like, it is my biggest goal to make sure the others around me are happy. I strive everyday to learn something new and share it with others so maybe, just maybe, it could make a difference in their life like it did mine. There’s so much hurt and judgement in this world, there’s no time to waste on being angry, or upset with yourself or others. I love adventure. Even if it means walking around my neighborhood at 3 am with a group of friends or driving to Colorado and going hiking, it’s who you surround yourself with that makes it count. I am definitely a go-getter so once I have my mind set on something, no one can hold me back. I believe that’s how everyone should be. It’s hard not to care about what others think, but once it’s done, you’re unstoppable and the options you have in this world are unlimited. That’s who I am.

Favorite part of working with PAT+CASSIE:

How confident they make me feel. Seeing my pictures just stimulates an automatic smile and thought like “Wow, that’s really me.”

Instagram: @merqurie